How long are the sessions?
Sessions are 45 minutes to 55 minutes.

How do we determine when I’ll work out with you?
We’ll discuss your availability and find times that fit your schedule. Those will be your permanent times. I think it’s important to have a set exercise schedule. It helps develop exercising as a habit.

What if my schedule is erratic?
There are two options here. One is to “float” on my schedule. Some clients with unpredictable schedules don’t have set times and fill in slots when others are unable to attend their workouts. The other option is phone coaching.

What is a typical workout like?
A typical workout will consist of abdominal/core work, followed by strength training. Some clients like to make cardio part of their hour, while some prefer to do it on their own. The weight loss specific program incorporates half an hour of cardio into the workout.

Why is strength training so important?
Most experts agree that strength training is the most important type of exercise. Building muscle increases metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat. It also increases heart strength, muscle strength, and bone density, just to name a few of the benefits.

How long will it take to see results?
It really depends on the individual. How well you take care of yourself outside the gym will determine your progress as much as what happens inside the gym. Factors such as current fitness level and overall health play a role as well. Most people will see very noticeable strength increases in the first month, as well as weight loss and an increase in energy.

Are there contracts or membership fees?
There are no contracts or membership fees. You pay for a month at a time and can stay as long as you like.

How long do most people stay?
Some people stay 2-3 months, enough to obtain a basic grasp of strength training. Many stay for years. My longest clients have been with me for over 11. Stay as long as you like!

What our members say

 Jim & Joanne
Jim & Joanne

"We use Eric as our personal trainer for couples training. His motivating style holds us accountable and we look forward to having him beat us up on a weekly basis." * READ MORE


“Eric got me back into shape after both of my children. I’m in better shape now than before I started having kids!” * READ MORE

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